The House on Higher Ground: Completed 2006
The Hill on Higher Ground: Completed 2018

"Whatever good things we build end up building us." - JimRohn

As design/build consultants, our passion is to generate original, valuable ideas that have practical, sustainable solutions.  We assist on the design, planning, and execution of projects. Our mission is uncovering missed design potential and incorporating new building science with tried and true construction methods.

As real estate consultants, we are anxious to educate you about building science & design, whereas agents are only anxious to sell.  We go house shopping with you, so one of your biggest investments is one of your best investments.

We guide individuals as well as teams through the design thinking/creative process to ensure that projects are rightsized, sound, unique, and inspiring.

We look beyond ‘impossible’ to find solutions that work!

Cynthia Clayton

Pepper Clayton
Building Science, Systems, and Construction

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